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Parc Binz

MLN has been contracted to work on the new Parc Binz project, a five-story, mixed use medical and retail facility in the Houston Museum district. MLN was hired to provide Fire, HVAC and Plumbing services for the building.

The building’s HVAC consists of two air-cooled chillers, three air handlers and one energy recovery unit, (with a total capacity of 200 tons), and all core ductwork on five floors. A custom air handler was provided for the surgical floor, which requires a greater influx of dehumidified air for medical procedures.

MLN Plumbing installed all core plumbing fixtures, grease traps, domestic water storage tanks and booster pumps.

MLN Fire Protection installed all fire protection piping, as well as a diesel-driven fire pump.

  • Work Performed

    HVAC, plumbing and fire protection

  • Project Type

    Commercial Offices

  • Location

    Houston, TX